Not just another new year’s eve I said to myself ……

Oh no, the year is ending today … a whole year gone by already ūüė¶

This is a depressing thought. I asked myself what have I achieved at the end of 2012 ? Like everyone else out there reading this, I did have my share of dreams, wishes, ideas that have been carried forward to the next year, in the hope that I was still young and I still had the whole year ahead of me to do things I always wanted. This self deceiving thing is what we call living in hope and with positive thinking I guess even if nothing gets done. Probably not doing is better than doing something not worthy or doing things wrong afterall.

So, I told myself I am not letting 2012 go by without me doing anything. For a couple of months now, I have once again been bitten by the crochet bug. Oh yes, it sure is a bug. The bite and bugging can cease only when the idea takes shape in one form or another. It doesnt matter if I end up unravelling the whole creation in a huff later !

While I crocheted the baskets, purses, bracelets, and christmas ornaments, I dared to dream about sharing my creations online and even selling them. Everytime I created something new, I would share my excitement with my lovely neighbour who I must say, is to be blamed for spoiling me to dream on. She began to pay me for the things I made for her to encourage me to translate my dream to reality. I must say, I have bitten the bait and I am now completely consumed by it.

In the last¬†couple of weeks I have been pushing myself to create some stuff¬†so I could put it up on my shop. Voila¬†! I say I have now beaten 2012 !! ¬†Look here at what I did finally manage. And I am going to pat myself¬†more for beating 2012¬†than for ‘acting’ on my dream !

I feel very defeated and lost on a new year’s eve. It reminds me of all the things I did not or could not achieve or do. It is like a mirror that shows things you dont want to see !!

And the cherry on the cake was to sign up for wordpress. Another one of my unfulfilled things on my ‘to do’ list that was carried forward for months and years too for no single apparent reason. What more, I have even managed to write this first blog and publish it immediately at the risk of language, style and even spellings ! My apologies to those who come by and find this unworthy of a read.¬† And to others who have survived this blog, I say a big THANK YOU and a Happy 2013 ! And ofcourse dream and continue to dream like me for weeks, months and even years. For one day, I can read all about your dream becoming a reality.


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