The Potter itch, Quidditch, ….and the crochet snitch !


the flying golden snitch reined in !!

the flying golden snitch reined in !!

I am excited to share this ‘snitchy’ project today ! To be honest, I made this a couple of weeks ago, but could not find the time to write about it.

It was one of those idle moments  when I was wondering which project in the queue I must push myself to complete, when my daughter dared me to crochet a momento of her past Harry Potter obsession – the prized snitch ! Oh yes, even if she is now  in college, she has not grown out of the Potter craze.

And there I started to imagine how a snitch would look like ! After failing to impress me with all her verbal descriptions, she had the good sense to finally take the help of our Google guru ! Having now sighted the wingy thing, I was wondering how I could translate the picture into a three dimensional crochet creation.

Crocheting the body was the easiest thing but wings I had not crocheted before. Surprisingly I got it right the first time around without having to unravel it. What is a snitch if it cannot be used I thought, so it has a keyring attached too !

This is just a small reward to my daughter who was studying hard for her exams.

golden snitch


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