Finally she can see !

My blind  little girl was waiting for years to be given the gift of sight ! Why ? It might sound a little lame, but it was for want of suitable eyes. There she was perched on the bookshelf for nearly three years standing there simply plain faced !!!

Yesterday night all of a sudden, her bare face stirred my emotions 😉 how could I have neglected her for so long ? She was afterall my first attempt to crochet a complete doll …with hair, clothes et all.  But  eyes, nose, mouth ? Nothing seemed to suit or fit her face 😀 I tried beads of different sizes , colours, sizes, and even googly eyes with lashes. But no, she was getting very difficult and fussy ! I gave up on her and dumped her on the bookshelf.

I was on a sort of ‘setting things right’  spree yesterday. Some of my ‘unfinished’ projects attained ‘finished’ ‘live’ status. My eyes fell on her after dinner. I simply picked her up, and said ‘you shall see light today’ !

I took some black wool and embroidered her eyes, and mouth. Its not the best I know, but at least now, she has a face and life.  I can now look her in the eyes (although it seems to be closed ;D) and say, ‘you look beautiful you know’ !!!!




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