Cuddly sock Totoro

 I feel like squealing at my latest obsession ! On one of my wild hunts for recycling ideas I discovered a world of wonder – sock toys ! How ingenious of those old ladies of yore ( apparently these like peg dolls are vintage craft) to find such a delightful use for those single misplaced socks. Unlike other fabric upcycling ideas, this did not call for too much sewing and I simply couldn’t wait to snip my stock of socks to create these cuddly companions. Oh I cant tell you how young I feel … that’s right. Young enough to sleep with them in bed !!!  And why not ?

Hmm… I am now on a roll.  In the last four days, I have made Cuty the pup ( my first sock creation), Mama cat, Cuddly Totoro which I finished yesterday night, and Sabrina whose hair is just growing, and needs a lot of covering up :-)))

You can have a glimpse of Cuty the pup, Mama cat, and hopefully a completed Sabrina tomorrow.  For now, you are invited to a hugging indulgence of my cuddly Totoro  :))))Cuddly Totoro008


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