Crochet barefoot sandals

For weeks I have been crocheting these barefoot sandals for friends and family. You make one, and you would want to keep making them. The patterns and colour combinations are endless. They can be made both for adult and kids and can be worn just anywhere. At home, at beach parties, with flip flops, pumps, sandals, shoes and as a wedding accessory too in matching colours and design.

These are so versatile in design that, we can make them just simple in one colour or mix and match different colours, beads etc. Your imagination is your limit !

I have tried a few patterns other than the two I have shared here, but there  are loads of patterns on the world wide web. I am not done with them yet and plan to design some of them myself soon !  You can find one of the patterns here.

With summer upon us, what best time to enjoy and flaunt them. Scroll down and feast your eyes !!

Warning ! Scrolling down is exhausting for your fingers 😉barefoot sandal (red, pattern 1) 049  white, pattern 1  barefoot sandal (peach middle with choclate edging)

barefoot sandal (side view)

barefoot sandal (black, pattern 1) black barefoot sandal on sandals !black barefoot sandal (side view)   barefoot sandal (two colour, pattern 3) 680 053 058 050 039 043045042

The ones below are of a different pattern.

barefoot sandal (pattern 2, multicolour) barefoot sandal (red, pattern 2) on black sandals

on black sandal (side view)














No, am not resting your fingers yet !!!!! Just a little bit more:)

barefoot sandal pink      085092093  087     089088081                                                                         076 072 070 068 066


2 comments on “Crochet barefoot sandals

  1. Oh indeed crocheting these is instant gratification ! Mind you this is just my daughter’s collection… an equal amount I have given away as gifts ! Thanks so much for coming by and for your appreciation.


Your comment gratifies me !

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