Crocheted nativity set

I know I haven’t posted anything for long. I kept telling myself, I will do it, once I finish this project, and then it kept getting postponed from one to another. But this morning I got up and ordered myself ‘ Now login and post girl ‘ !!! Surprisingly my wits obeyed and here it is !!!!

Last Easter, I crocheted a jute easter basket with a hen and 3 eggs for my neighbour and her friends. I will share that with you sometime soon. She loved them so much that she suggested I must make a nativity set for Christmas.

I felt pretty challenged and too ambitious to attempt this. But my ego wouldn’t let go !!! Sometimes it is good to have that halo around you that tells you, you are worth it !

I scoured the virtual space and culled some ideas. Initially I decided to make only Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manger  since I felt intimidated by the amount of detail in other characters. I began with Mary and loved crocheting her veil 🙂  Once I finished Mary, and got a hang of the pattern, I couldn’t stop myself ….I wanted to see the wise men in their cloaks, the sheep and shepherd. For a week, I kept crocheting one after the other. Once I finished all of them, I wondered how they are going to be displayed . I was not happy just arranging them on any surface like a table or hearth, just like that. I tore my brain as to how to put them together.

And eurekha !!!   a crocheted stable indeed it would be !  But what shape would the stable be I wondered 🙂 Frantically I googled again and found my inspiration in a bird house !!! I must admit, this was the most difficult part of my conceptualisation …matching my crocheting knowledge and skills to the idea !! But I must also say, seeing the finished product is the most rewarding feeling too.

Well, the preview of the story is over ! Curtains are up ! Enjoy the scene :))


Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in manger, tiny sheep, shepherd with his crook, and three wise men …..all of them trying to fit in the small cosy stable !!! oh yes, with the blessings of the angel above !!

The wise men coming in to the stable !!

Another view ….the wise men coming in to the stable !!

a closer peek inside

a closer peek inside

And here they are, each of them …….


The three wise men with their gifts ….the gold casket(purple bead ) could do with some glitter I guess !! I will add some soon.


Mary and Joseph

shepherd and his sheep

shepherd and his sheep


baby Jesus in the stone manger ! would need some hay before the final display !!

the path of the stable works as a cover for easy storage !!

the path of the stable works as a cover for easy storage !! Not sure if you can see, but there is a hole on top of the stable for fixing a small bulb.

Although I am overall pleased with the design, it needs a bit of tweaking here and there. I plan to put it up on my etsy shop which is boarded up since its inception !!!!!! I would be more than happy to do a custom order for you.


3 comments on “Crocheted nativity set

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    • Thank you so much for your appreciation. Yes, I really enjoyed crocheting the jute stable, especially the mini one. I have been meaning to spend some time in your space which I will do soon.


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