Thank you NaBloPoMo !

I am ashamed to admit I am one of those who thinks a lot, and does mighty little. I started this blog a year ago thinking (yes thinking !) I am going to have all my crafty ideas and projects chronicled here for posterity !! And ???

Well, this blog has only seen 14 posts published so far (shame is too small a word indeed :<) , another 10 in draft mode , many projects that are waiting to be captured on the lens and an endless queue of ideas that are in the slow boil :((((

Each time I login, I feel intimidated to see posts from these bloggers who post sometimes 2 or even 5 posts every single day. I just feel like running away and logging out which I do often !!! And yet at times, I tell myself, c’mon girl you too do it. Go complete those drafts and post them. Take pictures and blog about those scarves, purses, doormats , bracelets, baskets and what not !!! But no. It never happens. And if it does, it happens in quick spurts.

When I logged in today, I was excited to learn about NaBloPoMo. I immediately signed up at BlogHer, got myself the NaBloPoMo badge, and here I am with my first post for NaBloPoMo !!!

Thank you NaBloPoMo for pushing me to post everyday !! This is one hell of an achievement and a challenge for me !!!

I must tell you something about me though. I do complete what I start :)))

Wish me luck all you fellow NaBloPoMoers !!


8 comments on “Thank you NaBloPoMo !

  1. No apologies !!! your ‘long-winded way to say good luck’ is all I want at the moment. I am like a kid now who wants it all and more of it !!!
    Love to read your blogs that have gone private. If they are about crochet then I am sure they have no ‘age’ or time limit. Craft and art blogs are timeless.
    Thank you so much for dropping in 🙂


  2. I used to get really stressed out about not blogging enough, and what I did blog being so bad it was best binned. I came back to blogging after leaving Facebook, I wanted to keep a record of my road to recovery, I’ve got a lot more blogs on here than people realise, but most are now private as I feel they’ve served their purpose. I like to see my blog in the same way as a hard copy journal, I’ll pick it up and write something down now and then, and leave it in a public place in case anyone wishes to read it, it’s not been easy changing over from the mentality of ‘I must blog something, I must blog something’, but I’m getting there! Sorry that was a long-winded way to say good luck! 🙂


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