Ho! Ho ! Ooooo !!!

I am back into the Xmas mood after going on a nativity spree last month.

Don’t know what to call it, but I am kind of possessed with wanting to crochet everything I can that is to do with Christmas. And I am not even a Christian !! But I insisted my neighbour put up a Christmas tree so I could make ornaments for her ! When she did not last year (she is a spinster and goes away to visit her family) I bought her a tiny tree, and decorated it with crocheted bells, wreaths and snowflakes on x mas eve at her house !! Oh what fun we had !!

I know …I know I am digressing.  I know many of us crochet a lot of santa themed gifts … santa hats, santa beanies, etc. But I was wondering if I could attempt a Santa on his sleigh. The idea tickled me no end. So, what do I do next ? The obvious of course.  Summon my guru, Google !!! Wanted to check if there were any crocheted santas on sleigh. I did find a couple. But I decided to design my own.

Crocheting Santa and his gifts sack was not difficult at all. But his sleigh was quite a challenge. From crocheted pipe cleaners and electric cables I finally settled for the humble garden wire !!!!

So here comes Santa with a loud HO HO HOOOOOOO !!!!!

HO HO HO !!!
HO HO HO !!!

And the Santa Ho Ho Ho..ing all by himself 🙂


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