Suggestions please !

To all the readers out there….the arty, crafty, knit-ty, crochet-y, just about anybody with an imagination (which I lack at the moment ;)), please lend me your mind ..ON THIS 🙂

I made this awhile ago. What is it ? That exactly is my problem now !!

ignore the black thread ..

ignore the black thread ..

Okay, this one is without the thread if that helps !

Okay, this one is without the thread if that helps !

I have forgotten what I was planning to do. I guess an amigurumi doll of some sort, since I added a black part for hair. But now I am clueless what I want to convert it to. How pathetic is this 😦

Let your imaginations run wild !  And please feel free to share all your suggestions. From the lovely and cute to weird and quirky….let me have all of them.

And yes, you don’t have to know anything about crochet or kntting. Just your imagination ….of what all you can think of doing with this.

Bring it on !


20 comments on “Suggestions please !

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  2. Knee jerk reaction: add two black circles for ears, a cute kids face and body you’ve got a child wearing Mickey Mouse ears doll. Viva la It’s a Small World!


    • wow ! Its a small world dolls ..that ‘s a lovely idea. Since this is in pink, maybe I could get a bit ambitious and attempt a Minnie mouse 😉 atleast the head !

      thank you so much for peeping in and its lovely to know you 🙂


    • Ha ha ! you sure can look the other way around 😉 Humpty Dumpty will be a quick makeover …I need to add only legs and a hat. I can imagine his legs dangling on the wall 😉

      many thanks for dropping in.


      • What a coincidence ! I was searching for crochet eyes today, and I landed on suncatchereyes site !! Basically I was toying with the idea of doing an amigurumi series …either animals, or cartoon/movie characters like harry potter/miyazaki characters …..

        now that you endorse that site, I will remember to use it when I do the amigurumis. Thanks so much, you are such a enthu booster !! There is always something nice that comes from your visit …nice feeling, nice suggestions, nice words ……. 🙂


    • Why ofcourse ! anything round or long is an acorn for a squirrel 🙂 And an acorn disco ball is a great idea too … if you can have a rainbow donkeycorn why not a pink disco acorn !! Thanks for throwing the acorn into the ring. The squirrel might follow 🙂


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