Crochet Solomon knot scarf

Had a hectic day today both indoors and outdoors. But fought to have my crochet time during the evening and just now finished the Solomon knot scarf I have been working on in the last few weeks. I know the weather is getting pretty cold now, but I started this scarf weeks ago when the weather was warm and perfect for this.

This stitch has been evading me for years and I decided toΒ beat it a few weeks back ! Am glad I was able to finish it sooner than I expected to …which was after winter !

I know this picture is not too clear 😦


7 comments on “Crochet Solomon knot scarf

    • oh trust me, that’s how it looks when you work just a few rows. But when you do about 10 rows the pattern comes through and also you get a hang of the tension by that time.

      It all boils down to keeping the length of the loop consistent. My first couple of rows, the loops went up and down in size.
      This is my first project but I think I will revisit this pattern in summer/spring for more shrugs/shawls/scarves.


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