Crocheted bracelets

I love crochet for its versatility in application. There are so many things we can make using this skill. What amazes me always about crochet is, the fact that these techniques are independent of the medium/material.

Well, these are some of my experiments with crocheting bracelets. Not amazing masterpieces these are I know, but just random experiments ! From beads, yarn, wire, twine, raffia and even one in fleece strips !! You must know by now I can get ridiculous 🙂

Crocheted in yarn and cotton thread :



The one on the left below is crocheted with paper raffia, the one in the middle is crocheted with strips of fleece and the one on right is crocheted in wire !!


There was a brief spell when I was drawn away from crochet and tried some beading. Here are some beaded bracelets.


Ah ! but for Nablopomo I don’t think I would have got myself to post this at the end of another busy day 🙂 I do hope I can carry on my daily posts atleast  for another 13 days !


2 comments on “Crocheted bracelets

    • Oh there are such lovely patterns out there..from simple elegant ones to gorgeous striking ones ! There is no end to things we want to do with crochet, is there ?

      I did make some crochet beaded necklaces for my daughter, now I remember ! Not sure what happened to those….must ask her ;(


Your comment gratifies me !

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