I am now tunisian hooked !

Voohooo ! you cant tell how excited I am. After a hard day I come home in the evening to find an unimpressive grey packet at my door.  One look at the postal details and my excitement knew no bounds. Like a kid expecting his best gift ever, I ripped open the envelope impatiently and screamed at the sight of the colourful contents !!! I called out to my daughter who was upstairs ”listen I got my best gift ever…my Tunisian hooks have arrived !” Nonchalantly she responded ‘hmm..so what’. Oh how I wished I could share my excitement with somebody I thought.

I quickly whipped up a quick dinner (thankfully I had planned it out in the morning itself!), laid the table and I had about fifteen minutes before the others came to the table. So, irresistible were my hands to try the hooks, that I ran to my room, grabbed some yarn and tried my first ever Tunisian crochet hook. Here is the tiny swatch I made before dinner !

my first Tunisian crochet fabric !!

my first Tunisian crochet fabric !!

And here are my precious hooks that took 20 long days to arrive !! (yes all the way from China !! :))

I have been wanting to try Tunisian crochet since a couple of years but somehow never pushed myself to buy the hooks. In the last two months I have been overpowered by an urge to try Tunisian crochet and so on an impulse ordered these hooks. In the meantime I educated myself on the stitches, watching the videos and reading the instructions over and over again till I understood in theory how to do it !!! Not satisfied with the theory, I practiced a small ten stitch swatch with my normal crochet hooks…the usual stitches, single stitch, knit stitch, purl stitch and a few more !!! I was so desperate to graduate to something higher 😉

With so much of preparation, you can only imagine my happiness when my hooks arrived after waiting forever (20 days is loooooooong !)

I do not have much to share with you today, except my excitement !! 🙂


12 comments on “I am now tunisian hooked !

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    • I wanted to order the double sided one too along with this set, but dint find one that suited my taste. Will definitely be ordering one soon since my daughter has ordered for a set of arm warmers this season !!

      Happy to accept the double ended challenge ..of my daughter’s and the hook 😉


    • It is true … I would extend this to not just crochet skills but to everything from language to mathematics to astronomy …..every culture has its versions and contributions !!!

      And thanks to the invention of the internet, we all can learn so much more of what each other can offer. Its a wonderful world we live in …minus the selfish ones who like to hoard their knowledge or those that misuse the knowledge for negative/unproductive purposes 😉
      there goes my rant 😦

      just visited your link and loved your patterned swatch 🙂 Will be trying that very soon. The Tunisian bug has bitten too deep 😉


    • Have a look in youtube. Although it follows the same principle of chaining like ordinary crochet, the technique is slightly different, in that we first pick up loops from every stitch and then at the end of the row, we return to complete each stitch by yarning over and completing the stitch as we normally do. So, basically one round of Tunisian crochet is essentially made of one row of casting the stitches (which is picking up the loops from each stitch) and the return row completing each stitch.

      The fabric looks almost woven and has a right and a wrong side. Infact the fabric is very thick and look different on the right and wrong sides. The best part of it is the work turns up very fast and we can finish a scarf in a day or two ! The technique is similar to knitting as far as casting the stitches is concerned.

      Nice to see you after a long time 🙂


    • Go ahead order the hooks. you are right. we do not get the hooks in the high street shops here, although some specialist shops do stock them, but are pricey. I got them pretty cheap on amazon.

      Well, my first project is going to be a scarf for myself which I desperately need ! will surely post an update on that hopefully soon 🙂


    • Wow, your comment is almost instantaneous to posting my blog !! Thank you so much for your quick like, comment, appreciation and warning 😉

      I can very well understand your warning ! Infact I am itching to start a scarf for myself now, although my eyes are drooping 😦 The best part of Tunisian crochet is how fast we can turn the work.

      Its lovely to know you. Will pop into your space and follow you soon 🙂


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