Crocheted card holder (tunisian crochet)

I know, a scarf is normally the first project one would have liked to do in Tunisian crochet. I would have loved to do that too but I need more bundles of the colour I plan to make the scarf in.  Will buy them tomorrow hopefully and begin casting my scarf !

What did I do today ? Nothing really big. Just a small tiny card holder. I tried the Tunisian purl stitch for this.

Here is my first Tunisian crochet project – a card holder !

Tunisian purl stitch card holder.

Tunisian purl stitch card holder.


I plan to fix a piece of Velcro for closure.


9 comments on “Crocheted card holder (tunisian crochet)

  1. That is really great. I have tried a small bit of tunisian crochet before. It is something that I want to go back too. My friend has a book that has loads of lovely tunisian stitches in…….Carry on enjoying.


    • Wow ! I am honoured ! thank you so much. I am over the moon and the stars 🙂 I will just pop into your space to check it up.

      I am so sorry for this late acknowledgement. Just now logged in after dinner. I am having some pretty busy days in the last one week.
      My sincere appreciation and tons of thanks for this award 🙂


    • Thank you and welcome to the world of crochet 🙂 card holders are just one among hundreds of things we can make using crochet !
      I would say to you don’t give up on it….pick up that hook again and learn to chain …and you have learnt to crochet 🙂 Its not hard 😉


Your comment gratifies me !

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