Crocheted fingerless gloves

I was held hostage yesterday ! Yes. By my daughter 🙂 I was accused of not keeping up my promise of crocheting a pair of gloves for her….that I was busy blogging away and not bothered about crocheting things for her anymore ! I was chargesheeted too ! No amount of pleading that I would try a new pattern in my new found love(Tunisian crochet) would win my case. The only way I could escape a penalty she said, was I must crochet her the pair of gloves in two days…any stitch ! And this ultimatum comes yesterday night before she goes to bed 10pm !

I was tired myself and was about to retire for the day. Not wanting to face a grumpy teenager next morning, I picked my hook and started chaining having no clue what pattern I was going to do. As I reached the end of the chain I thought I would go ahead and just do my favourite stitch -hdc(half double crochet) ribbing. I continued one row after another and to my surprise the new yarn which I bought recently was sliding very smoothly and I made quite a good progress in an hour.

And today I raced to finish all my other commitments so I could have enough time to complete the gloves. I wanted to show this teenager of mine, that I take these accusations only too kindly 🙂

And here are the pair of gloves she so coyly covers her face with 🙂

These are my first pair of fingerless gloves I have ever made. These were not as difficult as I thought it to be. The thumb surely could get a lot better 🙂

Oh yes, she is mighty pleased with this and has requested a few more in different patterns and colours !  And I can now relax not having to fear a conviction 😉


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