Simple cushions

The last few days have been pretty hectic for me. And I am able to log into this virtual home only after dinner. I grab a few minutes here and there to recharge myself creatively.  It is such a wonderful way to ease off and glide away from reality 🙂

Today I completed a sweater cushion that has been lying incomplete for days now. I had an old sweater that dint fit me anymore and I had an extra new pillow that was lying unused for a while. So I cut the pillow into half, and the arms of the sweater away. I sewed the open end of the pillow to make a cushion. And sewed the sweater into a sandwich fold. Sewed some crocheted motifs for embellishment. Ta da ! there you have my recycled sweater cushion from half a pillow and an old sweater !

repurposed sweater cushion cover

repurposed sweater cushion cover

sandwich fold in the back

Below, a  couple of crocheted cushion covers I did last month.



A set of 3 cushion pillows I sewed a few weeks back for my daughter’s bed. I liked the red and black print and bought a yard of the fabric  (yes something very rare on my part to do !) to make some cushions to match the bed linen. I am yet to add some eyes, nose and wings to complete that owl cushion.  When I will be struck by that motivation and inspiration to complete it I do not know !

A set of 3 cushions/pillows. The owl cushion is pleading for some eyes, nose and wings :)

A set of 3 cushions/pillows. The owl cushion is pleading for some eyes, nose and wings 🙂

Wow it just occurred to me, that I have just another 9 days to complete Nablopomo !  I am surprised I have come this far. The credit goes to all you guys and gals out there who have been encouraging me with your likes, comments and follows. A huge thank you to all of you who have been reading my posts everyday 🙂


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