The gummy gobelin stitch

Hmmm ! at long last I got to buy the wool I was planning to buy, today. I was so excited with the stash of wool I bought that you would imagine I started to crochet my scarf straight away.

No. I couldn’t this time around 😦 It was just not my day it seemed ! I just couldn’t decide what pattern I would do and in what colour combination. After mixing and matching and tossing the woollen skeins around I decided on the colour and the pattern. I wanted a stitch that would work fast, so decided on the gobelin stitch.

This stitch seemed so extremely simple that I was super confident it would be a breeze and worked my foundation row. And here started my gooeey fight with the gobelin !! It was like being stuck to a chewing gum and not being able to take it off your hand 😉 Here was something I was too deeply drawn into, and now was stuck with it. My ego wouldn’t let go and concede defeat either !! That confidence can play havoc with perceptions is a lesson I learnt today.

I work a row . Count the stitches. Unravel it. I work five rows. unravel it . I work two rows, count the stitches and unravel it….this went on and on for nearly an hour. Every time I did a few rows I realised the edges were going diagonal instead of being straight !!! I was at my wits end and just wanted to give up. But the wool stash I bought stared at me in the face and laughed !

It was humiliating, frustrating. But I couldn’t accept I couldnt crack this. There was something I was not doing right it was clear. I racked my brain and voila it occurred to me, that this particular stitch was different in its starting and ending stitches. It changed every alternate row. I had totally forgotten this !!

I heaved a sigh. Worked the foundation row again. Added another row of purl stitch to help it not curl. And finally pulled away every strand of that gum from my hands !!!! My hands were now gum free 😉 I crocheted the gobelin row, and continued …..

The piece below is how far of the scarf I managed today !!

the tunisian gobelin stitch scarf in progress !!

the Tunisian gobelin stitch scarf in progress !!


9 comments on “The gummy gobelin stitch

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  2. Ooh, chewing gum on my hands…I can relate to that-literally. It’s great when you finally get the gum off your hands both metaphorically and literally, your hands(your wits) now sore and on the verge of defeat from struggling.


    • Hard stitch ? Or I am dumber than I am perceived to be 😉 Either way, I cant tell how relieved I was, when I dint have to unravel it once more and could carry on crocheting the rest of the rows !! lovely to see you here after a brief absence 🙂


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