The gobelin scarf so far …..

For those of you who read my gobelin adventure yesterday, I am posting this update on its progress…..

WIP - Tunisian gobelin stitch scarf ....apologies for the poor lighting at the top rows :(

WIP – Tunisian gobelin stitch scarf …apologies for the poor lighting at the top rows 😦

yeah, you can see I am getting ambitious here attempting multiple colour changes !! I am not sure if you can see it, but I seem to be messing up with the tension 😉 I suddenly realised midway near the white row, I was crocheting very lose and started tightening the stitches. Finding it was too tight I went back to the original tension again !!! You can see the fabric slanting a bit because of this 😉 Hopefully I can sort this out while blocking.

I seem to have got the stitch but looks like my affair with the gobelin is still rocky 🙂


7 comments on “The gobelin scarf so far …..

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    • Thanks. yeah my photographic skills are appalling…need to learn a thing or two about ‘how to shoot’ 😦
      you are right … the picture does not reflect the beauty of the colours at all 😦
      ‘Much better in the life.’ ….I think you mean ‘light’ 😉

      thanks for peeping in 🙂


  2. I am unfamiliar with this stitch which excites me. (I always get excited when I see a new stitch). I am a fan as you know of Tunisian crochet and can vouch that all Tunisian fabric looks a little “wonkey” until blocked or edged ( with a row of for example single crochet)
    You scarf looks beautiful and is also interesting. I am glad I stumbled apon your blog because it is fun and interesting and calming. 🙂


    • The problem with me I guess is that, I want to try too many things at the same time…as if I will not be awake to see the next day !!! a new technique (Tunisian), new stitch in that technique, colour change and you will not believe I even wanted to attempt tunisian cable in this scarf !!! Call it overly ambitious or plain unadulterated foolishness …choice is yours 😉 I want to do it all, as much as possible, in one go !!

      My experiments with tunisian in the last few days has exposed both its limitations and fantastic options. I cant wait to try some patterns since tunisian crochet is so famous for it. your dog swatch was so beautiful.

      You are right about the edges being wonky no matter what we do. Also the curling is a BIG issue with Tunisian although it is supposed to sort itself out with blocking. I did try a row of purling in the foundation as was suggested but it helps only to an extent. Wonder why no one yet has thought of a way to remove this Tunisian ‘bug’ as in software ‘bug’.
      hmmm never knew my posts had a calming effect LOL !


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