Crocheted pyramid

This is just a random thought that struck me the other day. I was thinking 3D shapes in crochet. We all have done the sphere, hexagon balls, cube, and the cone. But how about a pyramid ? My web search yielded results that were not what pyramids must be. Most of them were equilateral triangles in 3d.

A pyramid must have a square base and four triangle sides. I fetched a hook and grabbed some yarn and crocheted a 7 X 7 square of sc. Then I crocheted the 4 triangle sides and joined them together to make this tiny little pyramid that is 6 cm ( 2 1/2 inches) in height and 4 cm wide. I wished I had made the sides in different colours to make it more appealing. Maybe I will make another some time. All these 3D crocheted shapes could be wonderful teaching aids for small kids.

Here is the tiny pyramid.

crocheted 3 D pyramid

crocheted 3 D pyramid

a shot from top show the square base

a shot from top …to show the square base

I know I need to do something about my photographic skills. It is appalling 😦

Aha …I am edging closer to completing NaBloPoMo. Another 6 days more ! I couldn’t have got this far without you guys reading my jabbering posts and comments. Thank you so much for tolerating my rants and even encouraging me to rant more 🙂


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