A tunisian crochet stitch that does not ever curl

I am sure the crochet veterans here can vouch for the curling of most Tunisian crocheted fabric.

This annoyed me too, a newbie in Tunisian crochet. But I am so delighted to find a stitch that is not only so wonderful for its pattern and texture but more importantly for keeping the fabric absolutely flat. No. It is not the purl stitch. But the honeycomb stitch also called the seed stitch.

Here is a scarf I just completed crocheting in the Tunisian honeycomb stitch. No blocking, no steaming !!!     Just straight flat fabric all the way !  I am happy the way this turned out.

the colour is better in this !

the colour is better in this !

And a closer view of the stitch pattern below …

PS: the gobelin scarf is also inching its way forward…just thought I will update you 🙂


18 comments on “A tunisian crochet stitch that does not ever curl

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  2. I am quite amazed! I have worked many Tunisian stitches and assumed that they all curled at the edges, some more than others. This is actually quite exciting news. It is hot weather here now and of course we are focused madly on Christmas but I REALLY want to have a go at that. Thank you for letting us know and I am definately putting a scarf for next winter on my list. 🙂


    • It is true that most of the Tunisian stitches do invariably curl. I wanted to try the honeycomb stitch since I liked the pattern and it was known to not curl. This I wanted to test. And I was amazed that it remained flat from the very first row like normal crochet. Perhaps because we alternate the purl stitch and simple stitch, the stretch is kind of balanced. They say reverse stitches also do not curl, but I am yet to try that.

      Do have a go at this, so I could authenticate my claim 🙂 I would like as many to try this stitch and tell me, if my claim is right !!

      Cant believe it is hot in the land of the koalas now in late November 🙂


    • Am so glad it was heaven and back 😉
      This is not at all difficult ..just a combination of the simple stitch and the purl stitch alternatively all the way every row. The best part is, it does not curl at all neither at the bottom nor at the top. It is like ordinary crochet and the fabric lies flat as we crochet.
      Have a go and let me see your scarf !!
      I thought the stripes could have been less bold.


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