Burlap shopping bag

There was a time …

when I had to travel a long distance in public transport to buy my grocery.  Since I would make this journey once a fortnight or monthly, I would be tempted to buy a lot of stuff and struggle to carry my shopping bags 😦

So, I decided to sew this big shoulder tote in burlap so it could withstand the weight of kilograms of  rice, flours, pulses, veg and fruits !!

Well I will not blame you if you are wondering, if I had any experience working as a porter 😉  No. I don’t, let me assure you 🙂

You might call me a bit ‘Amish’ making things that suit my needs !!

These days, it is common to see fancy Big Green bags, Use Me Again bags given out by supermarkets.

Here is my hold all Big Burlap Bag !!

I painted the stripes with acrylic paint but I must tell you my heart sank when it consumed all the paint I had !! I had to buy myself a new set months later.

I gave it a lining too so it wouldn’t look like a burlap sack meant for potatoes 😉


11 comments on “Burlap shopping bag

  1. Oh I love this bag! Its so pretty (and big!) I love the Amish ways of making do as well, their stuff is functional and sturdy – as well as being pretty to look at. I didn’t think Burlap would soak up so much paint, to be honest – but you did a really good job of this. Do you still use it?


    • I don’t use it these days because the car boot does the job for me 🙂

      ah that’s exactly what it did …I literally had to pour the paint in the middle and spread it with a brush and the paint would just disappear ;(


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