(my) NaBloPoMo extended till end 2013 !

I finish the NaBlopoMo challenge today !!  I started this challenge the day I learnt about it…on 4th Nov.

And I am going to pat myself for that ! *pat pat well done* Why ? because no one else is going to do it for me. Only I know how bumpy the journey had been and how far I have travelled to get here 😉

I realised and learnt a couple of things along the way……..

  • Blogging everyday is not hard !!!! I know I know who is talking here 😉 I struggled in the first few days and regretted committing to this challenge. There were days when I had such a busy day, had no pictures ready and sat up till midnight to complete a post ! There have been days when I had no clue what I was going to blog about till half an hour before publishing ! As days went by, talking and sharing about my craft became another chore of the day, albeit an enjoyable one and one that I loved doing at the end of the day. I realised there was always that ‘one thing more’ I had to share … a new stitch that I tried, a project I completed, an experience, or just an observation I had. So, talking about it did not seem hard after all !!
  • The best reward one gets from blogging, and let us be honest here, is the appreciation one gets from fellow bloggers. I am here talking of genuine followers who comment and like your work because they like what you write and do. Atleast that is what I do when I comment or like someone’s blog, and I certainly can tell who my genuine followers are. All of you who have been following me !!!!  This is so much like having a dog. Or any pet for that matter. It is that feeling of warm welcome and being wanted 🙂 Such wonderful mutual joy it is when we cuddle our dog isn’t it ?? Both the dog and you love that moment of sharing. That’s right, blogging to me is akin to a dog cuddle LOL 🙂

So, can I expect this cuddling to continue or is there some snarling, barking and even clawing in store for me in the months ahead I wonder 😉

While I brace myself for it, I just want to say, I am carrying forward Nablopomo until end of 2013 🙂  I told myself if I could allow myself to be challenged by an idea of Eden Kennedy, why not challenge myself to posting a blog everyday atleast until the end of the year 🙂

If not anything, I will get to crochet and craft at least a teeny weeny percentage of what my pinterest boards hoard !!

Sorry if my posts are going to inundate your inbox in the coming days 🙂


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