Remnants of summer !

Ha ha !! No I am not being cruel to remind you of sunny beautiful days when we have just begun to get used to dark, cold, gloomy days 😉

I just felt nostalgic when I saw this crocheted softy cone among the pile of my craft stuff.  I really missed having my quota of ice creams this summer 😦 We were away on a vacation and somehow never got around to having ice creams 😦

So, I decided to indulge a bit. Yeah, in memories of sunny days and softy cones !!



6 comments on “Remnants of summer !

    • Thank you so much for that appreciation ! yeah, some of the crochet food do look very edible 🙂 I am happy you are enjoying your time in this space. Thank you for your visits, I appreciate them a lot.


    • Some of them are so edible aren’t they 😉 Cant believe the things we can crochet …. automobiles ..plants, leaves, flowers, animals, birds, reptiles, food, movie characters ….OMG there is so much I want to create …atleast a handful in each category before my wrinkles overwhelm me LOL 😉

      Just a random thought …have you seen crocheted noodles or pasta ? maybe I should google tomorrow ..shutting down for the day..sleepy..


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