Appreciate your appreciation !

There have been some wonderful blogger friends and followers whose blogs and creations have been a source of inspiration for me.

Gentlestitches is one among my regular followers and one who nearly always is the first one to like or comment on my blog. Thank you gentlestitches for all those glowing comments and your regular attendance on my pages 🙂

I love her Koala amigurumi which has been on my ‘to do list’. I finished it today and dedicate this to her as a token of my appreciation and gratitude. I have followed the pattern on her blog but just scaled it down a bit.

Weaver the koala !

Weaver the koala !


6 comments on “Appreciate your appreciation !

        • Honestly I dread working amigurumis for two things …facial features and hair. Hell, those cute critters give me a complex even now 😦 But I decided to confront my fears and apathy head on 😉
          There are some simple tricks I learnt to embroider any shape. …just by trial and error and it seems to be working. Will share it with you and maybe do a post once I perfect it.
          To be honest I have no patience for any kind of hand sewing and hate crocheting in hooks smaller than 4mm !!! This is a new phase of self confrontation I am going through at the moment 😉 And I seem to be getting ambitious by the day heeee heee !!


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