Crocheted motifs and applique 1 – Jumbo paisley

Crochet does not cease to amaze me !! Although I have crocheted applique before, it is only recently that I discovered the fascinating world of motifs and applique. This is pure creative indulgence in yarn !!!!

The best part of it all, is that these are instant gratification projects 🙂 When you are down and tired, crocheting a quick ten minute mouse or a bird can give you that feeling of achievement making the day worthwhile 😉

So, I decided to crochet as many patterns as I can and serialise them, starting with this post. Most will be a mimic of the patterns culled from the net but I do intend designing some on my own too. Ah ! me a designer …I like the sound of that 🙂

Now, this mango pattern – that is what I am going to call it, ( it is more commonly called paisley), has been eluding me for nearly a year !!!!! I hunted for the right pattern (free ofcourse !) for sometime and after a few failed attempts at ‘designing’, finally gave up.

It came haunting again today. I googled and binged all over and found something closer to what I had in mind but there was no pattern as always.

I decided to go the Kokeshi way. Using the picture as a guide, I designed this paisley pattern. I need to work a few more of these to get the pattern in my head and on paper 🙂

I am happy the way it turned out except for its jumbo size which needs some scaling down ! I need to change my hook size and yarn.

crochet paisley motif

crochet paisley motif


10 comments on “Crocheted motifs and applique 1 – Jumbo paisley

    • Thank you ! Necessity is the mother of invention !! When there was no pattern available and I wanted to crochet that piece, I discovered I could make my own pattern for it, with a bit of observation. That is simply all there was to it. No special talents here !! LOL.
      I will surely publish the pattern for the paisley once I test it out to my satisfaction. Thanks to the encouragement of bloggers like you, I am discovering my ‘copying’ talents 😉 Hope I am not accused of plagiarism !!!


      • I guess I am basing my views on those “using the picture as a guide” instructions in patterns, especially amigurumi and other toys requiring embroidery and the like. My finished result never looks like the picture! I’m just finishing a hat tonight and then I think I will have a try at crochet-copying! 🙂


        • Oh no ! I am not talking of copying the embroidery part of it. Embroidery and facial features will always vary. The more we are at it, the better we will get I suppose.
          I was basically talking of mimicking the basic shape of the amigurumis and some patterns too.

          Please do try. It is not difficult. All it needs is I think a bit of observation.. .spending a few minutes in understanding what goes into the shape. Maybe I will do a tutorial sometime once I perfect this technique on ‘how to copy a picture’ :)LOL


        • ha ha that is actually a great idea! I have a few crochet magazines from Ukraine or Poland, (I can’t read them, so I don’t know!) and their method of working is to browse through dozens of stunning photos until they see an idea they like, and then they copy it! Oh, to be that talented! My biggest problem with copying is knowing where to start. 🙂


        • I cant read Russian (I guess that’s what it was ) but thankfully I could read the pattern 😉
          ha ha so I am one of those talented ukrainite/polish who excel in copying eh ???

          At this rate I am wondering if I am going to earn the title ‘photocopier ‘ and who knows even be sued for copyright violations 🙂 I better stop advertising my talents now for my own good !!

          As to where to start, it depends on your project. If it is an amigurumi, it has a body and a head. So start either from the head and go down to the body or start from below and go to the head. Add the limbs and finally the hair and facial features. There you go…a short copy tute for you 🙂


    • Aww ! you are so kind as always 🙂 Thank you !

      You must believe me when I say I am terrible at both sketching and painting … at the least I can be good at is copying and mimicking !! which is all the talent I have perhaps 😉


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