Crocheted motifs & applique 2 – a beautiful bird

What do you think this bird is ? A swan ? A mythical bird ?

Honestly, I don’t know 🙂 It was so beautiful and elegant I had to crochet this applique, the pattern for which you can find here.

As I crocheted, I wondered at the skill and imagination of whoever has conceptualised and designed this complicated pattern. Unlike designing amigurumis, I find designing motifs or appliques requires an inherent understanding and feel of geometric proportions and shapes in two dimension. I am terrible in this, which is why I cannot draw a straight line or a circle ..anything beyond that, you will find a toddler’s doodle better than my drawing 😉

Forever I am in awe of how mathematical concepts find easy expression in crochet…like the ball I made from squares for example !! The beauty of crochet lies in the beauty of mathematics simply put !!! Someday I would like to study this aspect. For now, let me enjoy the crafty part of it 🙂

crochet swan/bird applique

crochet swan/bird applique

Although I crocheted this in DK cotton thread in 3.25mm hook, the finished size was nearly 7X7 inches. That is pretty big for an applique. !


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