Crocheted Matryoshka doll

Matryoshka !!! she kept me busy the whole of today ! I avoided her for months thinking she was too complicated for my crocheted skills. But these days, I am under a ‘self confrontation’ spell of sorts 😉 There is this foolish urge to challenge myself to doing the impossible !! This has lead me to discover things beyond me 🙂 Honestly, now I don’t fight shy of looking at a complicated (seemingly ) pattern or product !!

So, charged as I was by this ‘new crochet confidence’, and having discovered a new ‘photocopying/scanning’ technique of crocheting  (which a couple of bloggers here are privy to !! LOL ), I dared to look at the matryoshka pictures yesterday on pinterest. As I scanned them, I felt so cheated !!! yes very cheated .

The matryoshka face which I thought was the most complicated part, I was shocked to find out, was the easiest. It was such an astoundingly clever way to do the face, and my eye could not see it all these months !!  Can confidence make you ‘see’ better I wondered !!! I always thought it blinded oneself very often 😉

Well, I scanned the picture, made my plans and started to work on it after lunch today and almost finished it in a couple of hours. But disaster struck. I kept sewing and sewing trying to get her hair right, till I covered half her face with hair 🙂 I was so engrossed watching a debate on TV that matryoshka needed more than a haircut ! She needed emergency surgery if she had to be saved  🙂 I spent the next one hour carefully snipping  every strand of hair without slicing away her skin. I owe it to Matryoshka for pushing my threshold of patience  !!!

I completely sewed her face again … her hair, eyes and mouth after dinner. I am not very happy with her features, but surely proud to look her in the eye now and say, I could afterall create you !!

I plan to soon share some patterns including that of matryoshka ! It is extremely simple except for the facial embroidery.

Crocheted Matryoshka doll

Crocheted Matryoshka doll

A side view

A side view


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