Crocheted motifs & applique 5 – dinosaur

The more I crochet applique, I am discovering ladies are pretty imaginative and creative !!!! oh ! yes, I am making the default assumption that crochet is still a female bastion 😉 

It amazes me, that there is nothing that the ladies do not try to mimic in yarn !! Every one of them is a beautiful creation of the mind.  I really love these and want to create as many as I can, the reason why I am serialising the designs. 

Look how beautiful this dinosaur is ! This is crocheted in DK cotton thread and took me about half an hour. Go here for the pattern chart.

crochet dinosaur applique

crochet dinosaur applique


13 comments on “Crocheted motifs & applique 5 – dinosaur

    • Thank you ! Don’t know if I am dreaming big, but I want to make at least a 100 different appliques and motifs in different categories …animals, reptiles, automobiles,…etc . It is a huge world out there that I have discovered !!!

      Try some of them for some instant gratification other than chocolates 😉


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