Fabric scrap storage cum side stool !

A few weeks back,  StitchNSew  had posted a blog about  Decluttering the stash . I  commented that I stored my fabric scraps as bolsters (!) and that I will do a post to show how it looked.

Since most of my fabric is essentially old clothes (!) it doesn’t matter if they are folded, crumpled and full of creases 🙂 I smoothen or iron them  whenever I need to sew them.

Basically I just fold a piece of rectangular fabric, and sew it as a tube. Then sew a wide seam at both ends. Thread a draw string through the seams at both the ends but gather tight at one end to close the hole. Stuff the fabric scraps in it. Once full, draw the string close at the other end and tuck any remaining string inside the hole as in the picture below.

This solution suited me as I could have easy access to the fabric I want. All I have to do is draw the string open whenever I needed a piece of fabric and draw the string close once done. This keeps all my fabric clutter concealed instead of being an eyesore of a pile in a corner 😦

This works pretty well as a side stool for books or flat heavy things.  It also makes for a comfortable extra seat to perch on 🙂                                            


The one above have all the clothes that are waiting to be recycled 🙂

It could be used as a back rest or a foot stool too 🙂

This has medium sized scraps

This has medium sized scraps

This has fine scraps and is softer !!

This has fine scraps and is softer !!

 When not in use, just pile them together in a corner !


There is just one caution !! It gets pretty heavy and cannot be carried from place to place !

And to let you into my ‘dark recycling secret’, this bolster scrap tidy was once a rugged duvet cover 🙂


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