Finally a tunisian gobelin scarf !!

My tryst with the Tunisian gobelin scarf has been a long-winded and a gummy affair as some of you who have been following me will remember. My earlier posts on this are here and here.

I sewed in all the tails and added the tassels finally today. I am now impatient to show it to you. Here it is without much ado πŸ™‚


My Tunisian gobelin scarf at last ready to be draped on !!

The colours do not show through here as always because I crochet in the night, take pictures in the night and blog in the night :)) The blue is actually a beautiful greenish teal followed by a dark purple and black.

Ah ! I feel terrible unable to post anything for three days 😦 I am making it up by posting three blogs today :)) I am determined to see the Dec Nablopomo through 2013 ! That means I shall post everyday through Christmas and beyond till new years eve !!! I have a line up planned but need to work on it πŸ™‚


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