woof woof ….!!

I love you to meet Cuddles. My first dog amigurumi. Yes, and my own design too !!!   Hurray !!!!!! No !!!! he is not another of my ‘photocopy’ adventures !

Oh! how I loved the whole experience of designing him ! I was thrilled to see him taking shape as I added his ears. Not being the one, to make tiny tubes for legs, I came up with the easiest idea for legs !! He can stand on his own now, on any surface and I am proud of this idea. Don’t you worry… I promise to share it with you along with the pattern soon. He is very simple to make I assure you.

It all started with a packet of safety eyes I gifted myself !! My first set of safety eyes. I always made do with beads and embroidery but decided to equip myself better for the amigurumi adventure I am embarking on 🙂 I always wanted to try blob animals and searched for some pictures of a blob dog. Strangely, I found not a single one. So, I decided to design one myself. Its time I dared myself into designing something I thought 🙂 I am really happy the way this turned out.

My daughter and I have been taking turns cuddling him, so I thought I will call him Cuddles 🙂

Meet my Cuddles ! He is doing a show for you 🙂

Cuddles, my first amigurumi design !
Cuddles, my first amigurumi design !
Side view
Side view
His cute rear and tail !
His cute rear and tail !
His under belly and legs
His under belly and legs

I am not sure though, what breed he is 😉 Although I love him to be a beagle, I am just as happy for him to be a dachshund, or a spaniel. What do you think Cuddles is ?


7 comments on “woof woof ….!!

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  2. I am just an old softie but my eyes are misting up. I am so proud of you and your first creation “Cuddles”. He is “squeal inducingly cute”. As for breed…definitely a Beagle!
    If you post the pattern, I will make one. No hurry! I am so behind. 🙂


    • Awwww ! I wish you were next to me, you would be squeezed by my excitement and gratitude ..hugs I mean:) You do have a mighty part in my venturing into amigurumi. Your encouragement and appreciation is bringing out things in me, which I would otherwise not even dare dreaming. I am onto a phase of self -confrontation of sorts !!
      Beagle I thought too 🙂 I will post a pattern when I have made atleast one more. That is so kind of you to try mine. Thank you so much for your revitalising comment 🙂


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