Crocheted Mickey Mouse

Remember this ? Suggestions please !

A post I did a few weeks back ? Well it took weeks to consider all your suggestions 🙂

I took off from an idea by The Knitting Neurotic  about Its a Small World character and finally decided on doing a Mickey !! More because of the pink face and black head which I thought was easy to adapt. But I must confess Mickey has given me quite a run with my skills 🙂 For the first time, I did not crochet a conventional tube for his hands. Instead went for an easier option 🙂 You know I don’t like crocheting small tubes …so I am forever looking for ways to avoid it 😉

He has outgrown my expectations in every sense of the word !!!!!!!

So from a ‘don’t know what’ ball …..

To this ! A transformation even I cant believe I managed !!!!!!


I wish I could remove the shadow from behind his ears 😦 One thing I can never learn is photography 😦 Is this close-up hurting your eyes ??

His rear and tail :)

His rear and tail 🙂


11 comments on “Crocheted Mickey Mouse

    • Yes, I know it is time I took pictures during day light. The problem is, I normally crochet and finish a project in the night and am impatient to post it :0

      Thank you for your sincere suggestion ! Infact I took my pictures in the daylight today 🙂


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