Professor Severus Snape


          severus snape

Severus Snape

Severus Snape


Professor Severus Snape is an extrememly complicated character whose loyalties the reader is kept guessing until the last book. Who would have thought he would be the one to kill Dumbledore and be killed himself by Voldemort’s Nagini !!

I must say, crocheting the Harry Potter characters has taught me a few techniques. While I must confess it takes a lot of time to work at the details, since I mainly work off looking at the pictures, the whole exercise has been challenging and so enjoyable 🙂

I hope all of you are enjoying my Harry Potter crochet journey as much as I am !


6 comments on “Professor Severus Snape

    • Thank you so much for this feedback ! I so was looking forward to hearing some critical review 😉

      I tried sculpting the line on his forehead like his nose and it did not go good 😦 I realise we need to crochet in fine thread to get the delicate features. I guess I must mix and match various yarn textures to get the right features.
      I am almost now weary of crocheting amigurumi and might taper off soon 🙂


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