The Battle of Hogwarts !

Curtains rise for the final battle !

The battle between Dark Magic and Good Magic ! The battle between power of evil and power of love !

The battle between the horcruxes themselves – Voldemort and Harry Potter share the same soul and both have to be killed for atleast one to survive !!


Dumbledore is killed by Severus Snape. Snape is killed by Nagini. Voldemort kills Harry Potter but Harry recovers because of Lily’s love and  finally kills Voldemort !!!!


Battle over. Wands in their sheath. Curtains down 🙂


4 comments on “The Battle of Hogwarts !

    • Oh ! thank you 🙂 you are so kind in your appreciation of my talents 🙂 I would love to share and sell my patterns but somehow I feel very diffident of the whole selling part of it …the money management of it puts me off. I am very bad at it. Infact I did open my etsy shop last year but closed it in a month because I just felt so lost and directionless 😦 Maybe I should have a rethink and seek some support or something.

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. They sure are helping me discover and unearth latent skills 🙂


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