Saturday amigurumi 1 – Lakshmi the Indian lady

Two months of blogging everyday (well almost !), for the November and December Nablopomo challenge, has set me off on a crochet adventure I never thought I would ever embark on.

Add to this, encouragement and appreciation from all you followers and readers, my head is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. In the last few weeks I have been experimenting with amigurumi design. I enjoyed crocheting the short Harry Potter series , in the run up to my blogoversary. This has spurred my confidence levels and I plan to challenge myself to crochet one amigurumi a week !!!! Well time will prove if I am one over confident mediocre flop 😉

Every Saturday from now on, starting today, (for how long ? Now that is what I am testing myself !), I promise myself to do an amigurumi post 🙂

Meet Laxmi, the Indian lady. Who is she ? She could well be the Obstetrician delivering babies, a banker managing the community’s money, a professor teaching nano technology, a musician, ……., ……, or just a responsible, hardworking homemaker !!!

Flaunting her saree, necklace and bangles, here she is …

crochet Indian lady

crochet Indian lady

a more prominent head bun

a more prominent head bun

Some more perspectives of her saree …

WP_20140104_009       WP_20140104_010          WP_20140104_013

More than anything, I am happy I could find a way to drape her in a saree with a freely hanging pallu down her shoulder.


16 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 1 – Lakshmi the Indian lady

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    • Thank you ! and welcome to this space. I am pleasantly surprised to learn you find my work unique 🙂 I would surely be interested to know more about your start up and love to interact and share my work. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


    • Feminine and dignified !!! I am relieved you found her so 🙂 yeah, medical doctor is what I thought suited her looks 🙂 I really enjoyed making her, especially the saree that hangs over her shoulder.

      It is so lovely to see you as always 🙂


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