Saturday amigurumi 2 – Tippy the bird

I have been for long wanting to crochet an amigurumi bird which I finished today. I did not follow any pattern and went about crocheting it freeform !!!

As usual I began with a pictorial assessment 😉 Crocheted the body, attached the wings and eyes. And for legs, I thought I would try some wire this time. This seemed to work out alright but in retrospect I feel a better guage would have made it more sturdier.

Cheep cheep  cheeeeep …here is Tippy doing a dance for you 🙂 And she gets to feast on a bowl of oats too 🙂

Tippy my first amigurumi bird
Tippy my first amigurumi bird

WP_20140111_010      WP_20140111_008

Tippy spots her feast from a distance and cautiously positions herself 😉

WP_20140111_013  WP_20140111_014

Ah!!  she now indulges herself in a fresh bowl of oats 🙂


I am not kidding, but these are the same oats I feed the birds on my balcony everyday !! I have quite a few avian friends … from pigeons (a couple of love birds), robins, sparrows, and the big black bird. I don’t know what it is called but they are naughty aggressive things. I have had an occasional visit from a kingfisher too 🙂


13 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 2 – Tippy the bird

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    • Thank you for your likes, comments and the follow 🙂 It is such a pleasure to know someone so accomplished. I just saw your profile on gravatar. Will read through your posts soon. Hope to see you more often 🙂

      yes, the snow artist is amazing, and you are the only one who took notice of that post !! I really appreciate that 🙂


    • Coming from an amigurumi veteran, I treasure your appreciation 🙂 Thank you so much for this 🙂 yes, this is my first attempt at an amigurumi bird although I have been crocheting amigurumis for a while generally from patterns. Of late, I am experimenting to crochet things from pictures.


    • Thank you so much ! I am not sure if you will believe or agree, but your comments do enthuse my creative cells 🙂 Oh the wings and tail are the easiest part. Just a circle that I extended on one side decreasing it with every row. And the tail is done with rows of sc after closing the hole in the body. What I struggled with, was where to place the wings … the placement of the wings especially the angle in which you position them, defined the character of the bird. I preferred to leave the wings in a ‘closed’ settled position.


    • Thank you so much for your superlative appreciation 🙂 ha ha !! crows sure are naughty things but I can spot a crow even from a distance. These birds are smaller than the crows and have a long tail. They peck and remove stuff from under the roof tiles to build their nests and make a weird unpleasant noise !! maybe I should google about them.


    • Thank you !
      To be honest, I just started off crocheting a small ball for the head, and went experimenting with increases and decreases here and there. I am as much surprised at this result 😉


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