Saturday amigurumi 4 – Cinder the black cat

 I know my days of the week ! Today is Sunday 🙂

Excuses for not posting yesterday ? I have more than one. All genuine 🙂 Whatever the reasons, I pushed myself to keep up the self imposed weekly challenge, even if I am a day late !! Afterall, if I created the rule, I can break it too 😉

To be honest, I have been having some challenging days juggling time, decisions and priorities. Will be over it, in a week. Cant wait to get cracking on all those ideas bursting in my head 🙂

So here is Cinder who comes to you on a Sunday instead 🙂

Meeeooooww meeeeeeeeeeow …….

 The 'guide picture' from google
The ‘guide picture’ from google
Cinder the copy cat !!
Cinder the copy cat !!
Side view
Side view
Back view
Back view

11 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 4 – Cinder the black cat

    • I am not surprised Cinder is making you smile ! She turned out to look more like a rabbit than a cat LOL 🙂 I crocheted her in a hurry and it shows.
      Thanks for being there for me, whenever I post 🙂


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