Saturday amigurumi 5 – Snow white

 A couple of days back, as I passed by the kids’ section in a book store, (the store has DHL courier service too which is why I went ), I was drawn by all these cute Disney princess books. They reminded me of the days, my daughter and I read and watched these movies cosily tucked up in bed when she was a little princess 🙂 (don’t ask what she is now 😉 ) 

 Flipping through a couple of books while my order was being processed, my grey cells lighted up !! Crochet Disney princess ! yes, this week’s Saturday amigurumi is going to be one of these I said to myself.

This afternoon I decided it was going to be Snow White !! So, I began crocheting her head, hair, dress, hands, and the little apple in her hands. I am not too pleased (look at her arms … so long and the apple is squashed lol !)  but  she was so much fun to crochet ! I loved crocheting her hair the best and discovered a new way to do this kind of wavy long hair. Hmmm I can hear you grumble ..’so when are you sharing it with us ?’  I promise I will 🙂


Back view of her hair
Back view of her hair

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