Saturday amigurumi 6 – Disney Princess Belle

I am still under their magical charm ! After crocheting Snow White last Saturday,  I could not resist the temptation of crocheting one more princess.

Without much ado, here comes Belle the beauty who turned a man into a beast ….ooooops 😉 a beast into a prince !!

Disney Princess Belle
Disney Princess Belle

 One thing I realise I need to do, is to switch to a smaller hook if I don’t want the gaping holes in the face to show 🙂 But I am intimidated by the very thought of holding those tiny hooks 😦


9 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 6 – Disney Princess Belle

    • My problem with the small hooks is I find picking up the small stitches difficult. Also the slender hooks are not very comfortable to hold. I just tried my recent Saturday amigurumi with a 2.25 mm hook and I must confess, it wasn’t bad 🙂 Perhaps it was all in my mind as are many things in life 😉 Things are difficult only till you try it !!


    • Aww ! thank you so much. I pretty much don’t follow any pattern these days. But I also ruin a lot of my attempts in the bargain 😦 Definitely not a very wise idea !!

      Basically, I am not one of those perfectionists who likes to be correct with every count of the stitch. I am just happy if I can manage the basic shape right. So, I take the risk of experimenting and going freeform. No two pieces will be alike since I don’t count my stitches at all !!!! As I said earlier, for those who don’t mind risking my freeform style, I plan to do a sort of ‘guidance’ tour sometime. Not a row by row guide, but a ‘general how to guide’.


  1. She is lovely. Belle because she is “booky” like me, is my very favorite Disney princess although they are all lovely! As for smaller hooks, ami is often done with a size smaller or one and a half sizes smaller or even sometimes two sizes smaller than usually recommended.. You can do it! Just keep your tension loose. You are a natural. Cheering you on from aussieland! 🙂 ps her dress is so princessy.


    • Ah thank you so much for keeping my creativity alive with your encouraging comments 🙂 The only thing that turned well about Belle, was her dress !!
      Well, when you and others are cheering me, I will have to push myself to embrace that 2.25 mm hook !! I will try to do it straightaway tomorrow for my Saturday amigurumi. Let me see, if my amis get better looking then 😉


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