Saturday amigurumi 7 – Topsy turvy Beth

Have you heard of topsy turvy dolls ? Atleast I dint, till a couple of days ago !! They are also called reversible dolls or inside-out dolls.

But I think I would like to call them ‘two-in-one’ dolls. Because that is exactly what they are. Two dolls in one !!! They are like the nested Russian dolls except that here we have only two – one inside the other. I simply love this idea since the options are so fascinating.

Here you go ! A young Beth of 8 with long plaits who grows into a granny of 80 !!

Beth at 8 !!
Beth at 8 !!

Gracefully growing into a granny of 80 !
Gracefully growing into a granny of 80 !

WP_20140216_015                      WP_20140216_005

The secret connection !!
The secret connection !!
The disappearing act !!
The disappearing act !!

Being encouraged and cheered on by my friends here, I embraced the 2.25 hook at last !!!   Beth is hooked with a 2.25mm hook and I think she is slightly better looking. Atleast the stuffing doesn’t show through 😉 But the stitches are still not as fine as I would like them to be. Maybe I need to change to fine thread which is to me a nightmare 😦 For now, I shall be content with the semi-perfect looking amis  🙂

I know I have defaulted again on my Saturday post. I had some terrible pain in my hands last two days and couldn’t crochet.  The thought of again missing my Saturday post was killing me and  I pushed myself to complete Beth this evening after dinner 🙂 Feel a lot relieved and happy I managed to keep the promise I made to myself 🙂


17 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 7 – Topsy turvy Beth

  1. These Dolls have been around since the Civil War. That’s when they got started I believe since they made everything at that time. I love seeing the old Dolls and I’ve seen the black/white dolls in Ebay.


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    • Oh no !! I did not invent this idea. Apparently these dolls have been around for decades. Friends below (who are mothers and even grandmothers) have commented that they owned these dolls in their childhood.
      This is truly a clever technique and I love it. My ingenuity if anything is in choosing the theme ..a girl growing gracefully into old age 🙂
      Thank you so much for your appreciation. You are extremely talented. I don’t think I have it in me, to attempt that stained window rug you are making.


  3. These fascinating dollies have been around for a long time. I remember seeing a little red riding hood and the wolf one when I was small. I think the yarn you have used is just perfect and no need to go finer. Two tips are
    a. loosely stuff
    b. If you do ever get a gap,employ the darning needle and yarn to fill it in.
    Your dolls look perfect, just the way they are. 🙂


    • I saw pics of red riding hood and wolf too. I love this idea. They are the best toys for kids.
      Thanks for your tips. I do tend to stuff more than necessary often. And am yet to perfect the darning needle filling technique. I try to fill in every gap and the face often ends up looking stitched up 😉 Thank you so much for being a friend, guide and cheer-er 🙂


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