On their way to the nest ….

I am one of those who will preach from the highest pedestal about all the merits of healthy competition; about productivity, creativity, blah blah blah ….. but will be the first to chicken out if I am asked to compete !!

And yet, I participated in a contest !! Participated. That’s right. Not competed 😉

Surprise of surprises !! I even WON this ‘Evilsquirrel’s Nest’s first Annual Contest of Whatever !!!!!  For someone who is a relatively new follower of the blog and one who reluctantly participated, to be bestowed the winning prize is truly overwhelming.

This I am aware has disquieted many a regular follower of the blog, to whom I offer my sincere apologies 🙂 Each of your contributions have been brilliant and I am so glad to have met so many talented bloggers out there. I will need to catch up with your posts soon.

The only way I thought I can express my thanks to Bill Brown (the creator of Evilsquirrel’s nest comics) is to gift him my winning creations of his characters – Buster, ES and Rainbow donkey. THANK YOU BILL !!!  I have immensely enjoyed participating in your contest.

Buster, ES and the Raninbow donkey are on their way to your nest 🙂



Mini donkeycorn !

I had missed out on adding mouths, Buster’s nostrils and tail stripes to the original pieces, which now you can see I have updated 🙂



4 comments on “On their way to the nest ….

  1. You must post the pattern one day, (no hurry) so ES can me crocheted all over the world. I particularly like his tail. It is a great design and looks fluffy without being well…fluffy.
    I love the way we learn from each other. I thought I knew a lot about crochet/knitting/hand sewing. before I started blogging (and I did) but now not a day goes by that I don’t pick up some more info that is relevant to my work.


    • I surely will post the pattern once I recreate another which I plan to. The tail is totally uncomplicated. Just a long strip of rows with rounded off corners in dark grey and a border of shells in a lighter grey colour. The shells in every other stitch makes the tail curvy and fluffy.

      So true, we have so much to learn from one another every day. Such amazing talent and skills we discover in this virtual world.


  2. Thank you so very much for sending them on their way to me, and for all the nice things you said! I will admit, being relatively new to my blog probably put you at a bit of a disadvantage… but that’s all the more to your credit that you were able to totally wow me with your amazing detail!


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