Saturday amigurumi 10 – Easter Nest


                                                  Henny Penny


                                                 Chooses her nest


                                             Lays some eggs


                                                  Broody she gets  


                                               Out comes a chick


                                   Now, Henny penny with her peep


                                  Goes back to nest and to sleep !!!!!!



8 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 10 – Easter Nest

  1. That is just pure magic! I will be showing this to some little ones, and big ones this Easter.
    I love the different stitches on Henny Penny, the nest is great and the eggs are the eggiest looking eggs I have seen.


    • I am so flattered that you want to show this to your little and big ones this Easter 🙂 I wish there was a better word than a mere thank you 😀 The pattern for Henny is on youtube but I seemed to have misplaced the link, hence did not post it here. Will update the post with the link when I lay my hands on the webpage. There is a similar beautiful pattern for a bunny and I am struggling to get around the pattern … the chart has symbols I cant understand and the language I guess is Russian 😉


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