Liebster award-ed !!

 More than a week back, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Tutti’sWelt .

And I have been having a raging battle within ever since. Somehow awards and contests disturb my normal mental balance !  I was nominated before for a Sunshine award and this is the second time over for the Liebster award.  I decided, if I want to continue blogging, then it is time I confronted my contest-awardophobia 😀

So, this time, I chose to accept this award ! Vielen danke !! Tutti’sWelt for nominating me for the award. I do love your witty writing and although your posts are predominantly in german, your English ist vielen gut. 

liebster award

Over to the rules :

1.Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

2.Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers. Inform them of their nomination in their blogs.

Okay, here are  11 blogs I wish to nominate and I am sorry if any of you have been already awarded :

1.Itchy Crochet

2.Crochet Showcase


4.A Crafty blog

5.Tangled up in passion

6.Toma Creations

7.It’ll be Reet

8.Orangetree Garden


10.Cristina My Crochet

11.Craftmanic Mommy

My answers to Tutti’s 11 questions :

1. Was inspiriert Dich? What inspires you?

creativity, courage, innocence 

2. Wie bist Du auf Deinen Blognamen gekommen? How did you get your Blogname?

my daughter one day saw my hand and suddenly exclaimed ‘ mama your hand is so wrinkled already’ ! That’s when I realised I wanted to create so many things and I better get them all done before my fingers and eyes fail me …before I am overwhelmed by those wrinkles 🙂 

3. Was muss ein Blog haben damit er interessant ist für Dich?  Welche Artikel liest Du besonders gerne? What makes a blog interesting for you? Which kind of articles makes you happy?

  blogs that are quirky, crafty, creative, fun, true survival stories , many many more ……

 4. Gibt es etwas das Du in Blogartikeln/ auf Blogs nicht magst und Du über ‘unfollow’ nachzudenken beginnst?Is there anything you dislike on Blogs or articles which makes you thinking about ‘unfollow’?

Blogging to me, is a two way street. I hate it when famous bloggers click follow only to increase their followers tally, not because they like to read what you write. I  do unfollow these !

 5. Womit würdest Du Deine Tage gerne verbringen wenn Dein Einkommen einfach so jeden Monat auf Dein Konto gebucht würde? How would you like to spend your time if your monthly income would come for free?

  crocheting, volunteering, writing and reading a lot online researching on issues ! 

6. Gibt es ein Buch oder einen Film der Dich nachhaltig beeindruckt hat? Is there a book or movie which has deeply impressed you?

Generally I am inspired by the characters or thought behind the book rather than the entire story. 

7. Findest Du LIKE’s sind soziale Leckerlis in der Blogwelt oder findest Du man sollte sie nur mit bedacht vergeben? Do you think Like’s are ‘social treats’ in the blogsphare or do you think they should be given with deliberation?

It certainly is a social treat generally speaking. But a post’s content does make an influence.

8. Auf welchen Gegenstand/ welches Gerät/ Gadget könntest Du nicht oder nur sehr ungern verzichten. Which object / device / gadget  you can’t do with out or you can but very reluctant?

My laptop 🙂

9. Bist Du auf eine Deiner Kreationen besonders stolz? Wenn ja, warum? Was ist es? Are you particularly proud of one of your creations? If so, what, why? (Hope you’ll show us..)

I am very happy with Lakshmi, Evil Squirrel, Tippy and Fudge ! Crocheted each one of them freehand as I went along, without a pattern.

 10. Worauf legst Du bei Kleidung besonderen Wert? What do you especially appreciate in garment?

comfortable fit and colour.

 11. Gibt es ein Adjektiv das die Leute im Zusammenhang mit Dir besonders gerne verwenden? Is there an adjective that people in context with you especially like to use?

‘Crazy’ ‘mad’ 😀 

 11 questions to my nominees :

1. Why do you blog ?

2. If there is one daily chore you hate, what is it ?

3. How easy is it for you to get out of bed in the morning ?

4. Do you judge a blog by number of followers, likes or content ?

5. Do you read the About page of a blogger ? If so when ?

6. What do you think of copyright issues ? How serious is it for you if you found somebody copied your idea ?

7. When do you write blog posts ? When you have an idea or as a schedule ? daily/weekly

8. What are your other hobbies ?

9. Do you read all your posts on your reader everyday ?

10. How do you discover new bloggers ?

11. How do you search for new content of your interest ?

I do admit these awards in our virtual world mean an extra effort  to accept them but I must say it is a lot of fun and feel proud to have received this recognition from blogger friends.  I do hope each of you here will accept the award and carry forward this awards chain 🙂


15 comments on “Liebster award-ed !!

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  2. Thank you so much for nominating me, Im really shocked actually I never get nominated for anything other than making the next round of tea’s hehe. I am such a novice that I dont know how to link you or people I wish to nominate. I may need a hand *embarrased* 🙂


    • Ha ha !!! I thought making tea was almost a compulsory expectation 😀 Novice you ? I was too, before I accepted this award I knew nothing much about it. No worries. Linking is simple. Here is what you do :
      1.Type the name of blog or blogger’s name in your post.
      2. Highlight it by placing the cursor on the beginning of the name/word, and clicking and dragging it across till the name is highlighted fully.
      3. On the editing panel where you see Add media, B, I, (bold, Italics etc) you will see the link symbol (the infinity symbol). Click it. Ensure your name/word that you want linked is highlighted.
      4. you will see a new pop up window prompting for the url you want the word/name to be linked to as http:/ ………
      5. Now open a new tab on your browser, and open the blog you want to link to in the post.
      6. Copy the url from your browser address
      7. Paste it in your link pop up window and click Add Link
      8. Go back to your post and continue with your writing 🙂

      I hope I have not confused you more 🙂 Feel free to ask if you need help 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! 🙂 Even though my blog is now award free, I’ll see if I can get the ambition (and energy) to make a post in honor of the Liebster award you have given me (plus I’ll answer the questions and pass the award onto some more bloggers). Have a good weekend! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on the award. You deserve it. As you know, amongst other things, I teach crochet and very few people can crochet 3D without a pattern. Following your progress has been a treat for me! 🙂


  5. Thank you sooooo much for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I am chuffed! It is most kind of you and I will turn to answering your questions and creating my own to pass on over the weekend. Cheers and thanks again – Moke


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