Saturday amigurumi 11 – KOJO the monkey

 Kojo lived up to his antics 😉 He kept teasing and testing my patience today, crocheting and unravelling all the time.

Finally I got him to sit steady and took my pics 😀



9 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 11 – KOJO the monkey

    • Ha ha ! you have no clue the goof-ups the camera has hidden away 😉 KOJO really played tricks on me …nothing went the way I planned …his eyes, limbs turned out so different to what I wanted.

      You are a yarn-y Da Vinci 🙂 That stained glass afghan is your Mona Lisa in the making 🙂


    • This guy totally took me by surprise … what I thought was a breeze turned out to be a challenge 🙂 I like it that to be a genius is to go for minimalistic and even lazy shortcuts 😀


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