Saturday amigurumi 12 – POPPY the dolly

Last couple of weeks I have been suffering from crochet anaemia 😀   In fact I have been doing nothing creative. Its like living through the terrible cold, dark, gloomy british weather.  I know it is spring and the sun is beaming  through my door but the warmth is yet to get to me 😀

Crochet anaemia or sluggish-itis, I shall not miss my amigurumi Saturday I told myself. Nothing very challenging but a simple cute Poppy I managed to crochet today. Just one small dose to beat sluggishitis  😉



10 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 12 – POPPY the dolly

      • The masterpiece is currently moving a bit slowly as I’m waiting for quite a number of squares to arrive from around the world… India, Canada, the US… and I like to be able to add a whole section at a time. I’ve stopped making squares of my own (apart from my latest Bavarian crochet) until I can work out how many I’m going to need to ‘fill the gaps’. This week has mostly been about knitting, for a change 🙂


        • Thanks for that update. I just visited your space, and your Bavarian square is beautiful. The whole idea of sustainability seems to be a big draw globally as evidenced by the global contributions to your masterpiece. To be honest, I knew nothing of permaculture until I stumbled on your blog and loved your idea of integrating the power of virtual camaraderie to a concept of sustaining mother earth !!!


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