Saturday amigurumi 14 – HOPPY an Easter rabbit

It is incredible that I haven’t crocheted a bunny yet ! I did one a while ago which was not actually an amigurumi but a wonderful idea of converting a square piece of fabric into a 3D bunny.

Since there were loads of bunnies of all kinds, shapes and features on the web, I thought I would attempt a rather small and simple one that is more realistic (I know this is no where close to that 😀 ) than the more common friendly, comic,  cuddly one  😉

So here comes Hoppy in search of some fresh cabbages and carrots 😉



27 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 14 – HOPPY an Easter rabbit

    • Thank you ! It pleases me no end that Hoppy has made you want to crochet 🙂 Honestly, I urge you to try it. It is extremely easy, fun and a totally versatile skill one can use to create almost anything. It is widely used in mathematical modelling too if that inspires you to pick up the hook 😉


    • Aww ! Thank you so much. This appreciation coming from a veteran like you means a lot to me. It is so flattering to know you look forward to my Saturday amigurumi. I will now ensure I impress you heee heee 😀


    • Thank you. For some reason these rabbits and bunnies keep nibbling at me these days 😉 It was BonBon first, and now Hoppy. Yet my fingers are itching for some more appliques…there are so many bunny cuties out there that I want to crochet 🙂
      Will sorely miss you while on holiday 😦 Hope you stay connected 🙂


      • Thank you. I will miss you too. :-D. I will be in places that don’t have wifi like an ashram on Mt Fuji but I will be going to the heart and home of amigurumi including the Japanese Amigurumi Association! so I will be full of crochety news when I get back. I leave on Thursday. 😀


        • Wow a visit to the home of amigurumi !!! I am excited already 🙂 cant wait for your return and your updates 🙂 It looks like you are determined to enjoy your holiday…have the most wonderful holiday doing what you love most and be safe 🙂


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