Saturday amigurumi 17 – Rhombi – a fantasy creature

Here is another of my whimsical crochet adventures ! A crocheted rhombus that grows to acquire magical characteristics 😀

Alien Rhombi is your best guard against all evil !! Rhombi’s red laser eye will fire away and destroy any evil force, including malicious thoughts – either within your own mind or those around you. The white moustache will expand into protective wings as an additional shield.

On Rhombi’s head are powerful ether sensing antennae that can pick up distress signals whenever you are in evil company, or are entertaining evil, wicked thoughts yourself. Rhombi also has the ability to sense all those awkward moments when you want to share your problem, but cannot with anyone !!! The two red legs help Rhombi transform into a microscopic size on landing to enable being invisible.

All you have to do, to befriend Rhombi is to chant a secret mantra which goes ‘Rarrri tarri parri meee’ 108 times.  And you will immediately experience a reassured presence around you 🙂 As if you have a wonderful friend by your side who has understood all the thoughts in your head and solved your issues.

So, what are you waiting for ?




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