Woven newspaper tray

This blog is supposed to be about all the things I made (or wish to make ) but seems to be growing more into a crochet blog. I am now going to wean myself (and you) away from crochet for a wee while 😀

There was a time when we used to buy newspapers everyday, which would go to the recycling bin at the end of the week. I used them wherever I could ….to soak up spills, wrap up food waste, clean the mirrors, etc before they went to the bin. Things see the bin only when I have no use for them. That means my house is plain and simple a junk yard 😀

I made a lot of  paper bags and some paper mache bowls too. Years (about 10 years !) ago, I remember I made a newspaper stool  and a 4 feet standing vase for tall plastic flowers.  

But I thought the humble newspaper surely could be used more creatively and hunted for ideas. I loved the idea of weaving newspaper to make sturdy baskets and bowls. Youtube has many videos.

Here is a basket that ended up as a tray 🙂 I lost my patience midway and aborted weaving after a few rows ! This is more than 2 years old and I still use it everyday on my desk 🙂


We don’t anymore buy newspapers so, this would be my only reminder of those leisurely days when reading the morning paper with tea was the most enjoyable morning chore.


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