Saturday amigurumi 18 – Kittu the teddy

 Kittu , my first ever amigurumi !!  I made this for my daughter when she was still at primary school and I was a relative crochet newbie !

It was a time when quilling, origami and other crafts were superseded by this newly acquired skill – crochet !!  It was a time when I went crazy crocheting flowers of all kinds,  fridge magnets and loads of granny squares. I made so many of these squares like a maniac over the months,  that I decided to turn them into this blanket  a couple of years later. Yeah, sometimes things just lie around even for years waiting for that simple spark 😀

Oh well, Kittu is annoyed that I am deviating. This post was supposed to be about him ! And so it shall be !

Kittu will be mighty pleased to be greeted by a Hello 🙂


You can see the hat better in this one below. The blue base of the hat is a hair band 🙂




PS : Hooray !! I just realised this is my 100th post ! Cant believe I bombarded you with all the crafty blah blah for so many weeks and months. I must say, you guys have immense tolerance to suffer the chattering of this non-professional crafter. A big THANK YOU to all my followers, commenters  and likers without whom I couldn’t have come this far 🙂



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