Modular Origami Swan

I discovered the wonderful world of 3D modular origami some years ago. It takes hours of repetitive folding but the end result I promise is worth the time and effort 🙂

Here is a swan my daughter and I made ( it helps to have additional hands for this !) 7 years ago !! It is made from just plain A4 white paper. And hides nearly 600 folded triangles !! I made a peacock too but damaged it when we moved houses.

 These are not great pictures I admit, but I have since, improved my photographic skills as you will see later below !

Some more pictures ….


 101_0832 101_0821 101_0826 101_0831


This smaller one below was made by my daughter two years back when she was recovering from a critical illness.


You will agree, these recent pictures are much better. Better camera and better skills makes a better picture 😉


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