Saturday amigurumi 19 – A pig finger puppet

For long I have been wanting to crochet some finger puppets.

Here is my first one, a pig !! I plan to crochet a set of these puppets as a gift to my nephew.

But I am not sure if I should go for a themed set and crochet a couple more of these as part of the story Three little pigs, or crochet a set of different animal heads. I am quite torn between these two options and would love to hear your suggestions 🙂


               WP_20140510_010         WP_20140510_004


6 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 19 – A pig finger puppet

  1. I agree with Evil Squirrel. Finger puppets are so versatile. They are great for singing, songs and for the child or children to make up stories. “Old MacDonald” was a favorite of my son. Kids love it when you sing to them when they are little and made by you finger puppets add to the magic! Your piggie is above excellent. It was fun to look at him. 🙂


    • ‘above excellent’ ! you made my day 🙂 thank you so much. yes, finger puppets makes any story telling session magical …I actually wanted to crochet the Old Macdonald puppets, but randomly started with this piggy and I don’t even know why !! Just had the pink yarn next to me, and started off with the head 😀 But I think now with three votes, I will go for a variety of animal puppets !


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